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J&T Express Launches Exclusive Stamps at the 2024 Jakarta International Philatelic Exhibition and Competition

Jakarta, 4 July 2024 - J&T Express, a global shipping service company, completes its commitment to supporting innovation and progress in the shipping industry in Indonesia. This year, together with the Indonesia Performance Excellence Award (IPEA), J&T Express launched exclusive stamps which are a symbol of its support for the postal industry, as well as the development of culture and the philatelic community. The 2024 Jakarta International Philatelic Exhibition & Competition will be held at the Philatelic Building, Pos Bloc, Central Jakarta on 3-7 July 2024.

"We realize that shipping activities originate from the reach of communication that was formed in various cultures, and are still used today not only in Indonesia but also throughout the world. With the launch of this exclusive stamp, we are proud to be part of the history of philately, and we hope that it can become the newest collection for philatelists, culture lovers, and further strengthen relationships with customers throughout Indonesia." said Iwan Senjaya, Commissioner of J&T Express.

This launch event was an international exhibition attended by representatives from various countries. Apart from displaying exclusive J&T Express stamps, it also presents various interesting activities such as philatelic exhibitions, panel discussions, and educational sessions regarding the history of stamps in Indonesia. Visitors can enjoy various art installations and exhibitions showing the evolution of postage stamps in Indonesia from time to time, as well as introducing J&T Express edition stamps.

The Ministry of Communication and Information (KOMINFO) also supports this event as part of efforts to increase public awareness of the importance of the shipping sector in the digital era, and this support shows synergy in advancing the shipping and logistics industry in Indonesia. This is one of the drivers of growth in the shipping sector and increasing competitiveness in the global market.

Through the launch of this exclusive stamp, J&T Express wants to show its dedication in supporting culture and innovation in Indonesia. With various interesting activities held during the event, it is hoped that we can get closer to the community and strengthen relationships with customers throughout Indonesia. This step not only aims to introduce the important role of J&T Express in facilitating shipping and logistics, both domestically and internationally, but also to invite the public to know more about the history and development of postage stamps in Indonesia.