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Information on shipping constraints for the Tanjung Pinang Route to Natuna April 4 2023

J&T Express customers, as well as Indonesian people who we respect, In connection with information regarding the existence of a ship that sank in the Natuna waters on April 4, 2023, it was one of the J&T Express shipping routes from Tanjung Pinang to Natuna.

The J&T Express package delivery process is carried out in accordance with good and safe procedures on every delivery route including to the Natuna area. However, due to an accident which resulted in the sinking of the shipping cargo ship, for that we apologize for the incident that happened to the J&T Express customer package delivery, currently coordinating with the relevant ship agent for handling it, and recording all shipping receipts. For information on package delivery for the Tanjung Pinang - Natuna route, you can contact the official call center contact for the J&T Express Batam area at +62 822-6689-1188 and receipt data via the link https://bit.ly/JNTResiPengirimanTNJ-Natuna 

Thus we convey this information, We will maximize the service better and hopefully this information can provide clarity on the information available.

Thank you for your attention.


Management J&T Express

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