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Express Your Online Business Talkshow; Online Seller Education for Creative Business

J&T Express held an educational talkshow on how to take advantage of technology to expand online businesses with the theme Your Express Business Online "Be Creative and Cross Your Line" The event, which was held at the Swissbel Hotel Mangga Besar Ballroom, Jakarta, invited 250 participants to be divided into several categories, namely online businesses, as well as SME entrepreneurs spread throughout the Jakarta area and beyond.

In this event, J&T Express cooperates with one of the e-commerce partners who have collaborated since the beginning of 2016 to provide information to the attendees about how to start an online business, trends and business opportunities at this time as well as the shipping procedures that are delivered by Tokopedia .

Based on data reported by kominfo.go.id, until 2022, the number of internet users is expected to be 139.54 million from 104.96 million in 2017 and around 43.9 million internet users is a potential number of online buyers. Agustian, Manager of J&T Express said "Seeing the development of e-commerce retail sales that will continue to grow, we held this educational event with the aim to foster creativity in doing business online, seeing the current tight competition and want to encourage enthusiasm to expand a larger online business in e-commerce platform spread across Indonesia ".

In the Express Your Online Business education event with the Be Creative Cross Your Line sub-theme, J&T Express gave participants information on how much influence e-commerce has in the digital era and the efficiency of shipping services provided for online sellers. Not only that, the participants were also given information to do business online in a creative way through an entrepreneurship journey story that was delivered by online seller Rusdi Raisa as the owner of D'russa who was present to share his experience in doing business with used leather, until now he became a supplier to retail stores, as well as promotional strategies and tips to compete in the fierce business era of the 60-minute talkshow session.

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