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Send Express Packages Without Worries

Fast delivery and package arrived safely? Of course it's everyone's hope when sending packages. But not a few are also not as expected, it is not uncommon for packages to arrive at their destination, even packages that are no longer perfect.

This incident factor is often interpreted as an error from the express, yes indeed the express company must always maintain its service and system continuously because the shipping service business requires high service consistency. But consumers also need to make sure they have followed the procedures they should do. Here are some tips for sending packages safely, clearly and quickly.

1. Find Out and Get to Know Your Express Services

As consumers we have the right to choose the express service used, so before sending a package, it is better to find out the reputation and delivery system of the express service that you will use such as estimated shipping, rates, and area coverage. It is also important to find out who to contact if there is a problem with your package at any time, so you know where to complain.

2. Pack your package well and safely

The contents of our package are certainly very valuable, in order to keep the contents of the package from being damaged it is best to package it properly. For example, if you want to send cookies, it's better to coat the jar with bubble plastic before packing it in a box so that it doesn't get exposed to a heavy pile. If you are still worried enough, use insurance services to guarantee your package in the event of loss or damage.

3. Write down the Full Address Description

Don't assume that all-knowing couriers, incomplete recipient addresses will sometimes make it difficult for couriers to deliver packages, this tends to slow down the delivery period. It is recommended that you attach complete recipient information such as RT / RW, postcode, and block name if the address is in a complex area. Also include the recipient's telephone number so that the courier can be contacted if you have trouble finding an address.

4. Save Receipt Number Well

After sending the package we only need to wait for the package to be delivered, don't forget to save the transaction receipt that includes the receipt number, so you can find out the status of your package. Some express services have provided package tracking facilities, the receipt number also functions as a number that we can report if our delivery has a problem.

J&T Express is one of the express services that provides tracking systems for its customers, this independent tracking system is somewhat different from express services in general. This tracking facility allows customers to find out the status, details of package existence, to the name of the recipient of the package. J&T Express also provides E-tracking information, information in the form of SMS that is automatically received after sending, while the information provided is in the form of status and receipt numbers to the sender and recipient of the package. Really make it easy for consumers right?

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