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Supporting the Growth of Indonesian Children's Reading Interest, J&T Express Donated 8000 books on National Book Day

"Books are a storehouse of knowledge" the saying has always been an advice for everyone to continue to enrich knowledge. Coinciding with the national book day week on May 17, 2018, J&T Express as a developing shipping service company in Indonesia provided support in the form of donations of books and stationery to reading garden organizations, as well as several learning communities in Jakarta with a total donation of 8000 books.

Donation of reading books is given to Taman Bacaan Innovator (TBI), a non-profit organization that houses 23 reading parks spread across Indonesia from Java, West Kalimantan, to West Southeast Maluku with the mission of providing access to quality reading books for underprivileged children in the region rural. "With TBI we want to form the reading habits of every child from childhood, especially in areas with minimal access that have not entered the internet so that they are accustomed to reading and can develop, and even bring change to their future," said Yessi Chandra, Founder of Innovation Reading Gardens.

Herline Septia, Public Relations J&T Express said "The donation of this book is a form of J&T Express's support and concern for the development of Indonesian children, especially in the area of minimal access to education and technology, because we believe that adequate reading sources are the initial foundation to support the character and education of children who are quality. Just like J&T Express that reaches all corners of Indonesia, we want to convey concern for children throughout Indonesia through books that become a means of information to see the wider world.

Quoted from the data of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2017 shows, the percentage of Indonesian children's interest in reading is only 0.01% per year. That is, of 10,000 children of the nation, only one person who likes to read. Seeing this, J&T Express wants to actively support children's interest in reading through organizations that spread these positive habits. With the increase in reading parks and reading books will certainly have a significant impact to encourage children's interest in reading.

On this occasion J&T Express donated various types of books including the category of notebooks, PAUD children's books, kindergarten, and elementary school, science encyclopedia books, English, maps and others. In addition, J&T Express also made similar donations to a number of learning communities including the Children Love Study Group, the Sahabat Anak Foundation, the Jakarta Window Community, the Pena Aksara Community, the People's Learning Studio, and Teach for Indonesia.

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