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J&T Express Breaks the Record for Highest Delivery of Up to 20 Million Packages at Harbolnas 12.12

Harbolnas 12.12 is the most lively annual online buying and selling festival in Indonesia, J&T Express as a shipping service company that has a focus on online business development continues to provide its support in online transaction performances and J&T Express delivery has managed to become the highest in 2020. Every year Its delivery traffic has consistently increased and at the momentum of online shopping this year J&T Express was able to surpass its delivery record of up to 20 million packages.

J&T Express has partnered with a number of e-commerce platforms by facilitating technology-based delivery services. Everything needed to support the smooth delivery of the peak season has been prepared, seeing from the shift in people's behavior that has switched to online, J&T Express predicts that demand for shipments will skyrocket despite the current pandemic. The peak of Harbolnas excitement which fell on December 12, 2020, contributed to the congestion of J&T Express delivery traffic, especially in Java, which still dominates the need for package delivery.

"It takes careful preparation during the peak season and we also provide sufficient fleets to accommodate the large demand for shipments. Almost every Harbolnas momentum, J&T Express shipments always record an increase. we continue to strive our best to be able to improve without reducing our service to customers. Harbolnas 12.12 this year, the volume of shipments has doubled compared to last year, "said Robin Lo, CEO of J&T Express.

Harbolnas 12.12 is one of the busiest shipments of J&T Express every year apart from Eid, Robin confirmed that e-commerce has increased as much as 70% of J&T Express shipments, this is increasingly felt along with digital transformation for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) which is increasingly developing and expanding. into online sales.

Not only operating by delivery, J&T Express enlivens the 12.12 online shopping party by providing free shipping services throughout Indonesia without a minimum number of transactions that can be enjoyed on every delivery transaction at marketplace partners who collaborate with J&T Express. In addition, it can also increase the attractiveness of the community to use the advantages of J&T Express services that reach all corners of the archipelago.

J&T Express's commitment to providing domestic delivery services is inseparable from the pandemic situation which is a scourge for everyone to keep each other in check, based on that, in its operational process J&T Express strongly supports health protocols in accordance with provisions regulated by the government and applies standard health protocol to all employees, including sorting warehouse activities and the use of automatic sorting machines for the convenience and safety of packages reaching customers.

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