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J&T Express Apply Own Regulated Agent

Jakarta, March 14 2019 - J&T Express, an Indonesian shipping service company that focuses on shipping e-commerce businesses, maximizes its facilities by implementing its own business entity or Regulated Agent (RA) located in Rawa Bokor - Tangerang. RA J&T Express itself is a place for security inspection of cargo and postal goods that have obtained permission from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

 "The RA facilities that we have have a high level of security and can anticipate any obstacles that occur from the package delivery process, so that operations can be more optimal," said Yohanes Lim, Cargo and Operation Manager J&T Express Indonesia. "By improving the service and procurement of RA facilities, it is hoped that it can provide a better service level agreement (SLA) and help achieve the target of 3 million packages per day until the end of the year," he continued.

With the RA itself in the sorting warehouse, one of the advantages for J&T Express. Adequate infrastructure and equipment, one of which is the main x-ray machine, and this machine has been officially operating since March 1, 2019. A number of RA facilities owned by J&T Express are equipped with inspection rooms, hand held metal detectors (detectors) metal for people to walk (walk through metal detector), guardrail, security monitoring cameras (CCTV), monitor rooms, security seals consisting of inspection labels for cargo or postal packaging, and officers with special licenses to carry out security checks on the package.

"In addition to being efficient, the process is more concise and monitored from entering sorting to shipping to a special warehouse for storing air shipping packages. The process is always monitored, if something is blocked it can be handled directly. This is a difference between the use of RA itself and the examination through other RA service companies, "concluded Yohanes.

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