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Support the socialization of Dengue Fever Alert, J&T Express Fogging More than 1000 Houses

J&T Express, a shipping service company focused on ecommerce business in Indonesia, held fogging activities in 13 RT / RW 05 in more than 1,000 homes for residents of Wijaya Kusuma, West Jakarta. The fumigation carried out for two days is a form of J&T Express's commitment to environmental awareness and public health in anticipation of contracting dengue fever, especially when entering the rainy season.

Quoted from the data of the Ministry of Health, the number of DHF sufferers in 2019 increased significantly compared to the previous year. Until the end of January 2019, there were 13,683 DHF sufferers reported in Indonesia, where in January 2018 there were only 6,800 cases. Departing from this, J&T Express helps the community to take preventative measures.

"We hope that the dissemination of DHF prevention with 3M and the efforts of actions such as fogging can provide good benefits to the community in maintaining environmental health and hygiene so that no more people are infected with DHF. Fogging that we do is not only fumigation in the front yard and around the gutter, but we also enter the area in the house with the permission of residents, "said Rachel as the Brand Manager of J&T Express.

Not only limited to fogging activities but J&T Express also put up banners in the RW 05 area as an appeal for other efforts that can help the community to prevent dengue fever. This activity was welcomed with the RW chairman and residents residing in Wijaya Kusuma. "In 2018 there were around 4-5 of our residents who contracted dengue fever, and of course we welcome fogging activities from J&T who care about our residents to prevent re-outbreaks this year," said Muhammad Basri, Chairman of RW 05 Wijaya Kusuma.

In addition to fumigation, the community can make efforts to prevent dengue fever based on 3M socialization given by J&T Express by draining water reservoirs, burying and recycling used goods, closing water reservoirs, preventing the spread of mosquitoes by using mosquito repellent, using mosquito nets while sleeping , maintain mosquito larva predators, sprinkle abate powder in water reservoirs that are difficult to clean, and avoid the habit of piling clothes in the house.

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