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Actively Providing Various Positive Experiences for customers, J&T Express Wins the Indonesia Customer Experience Award

Jakarta, 23 February 2023 – J&T Express won the 2023 Indonesia Customer Experience Award for the Courier and COD Courier category. A global-scale delivery service brand that is close to customers by bringing a young, active and creative character and introducing a variety of delivery services and interesting experiences through a number of interactive campaigns offline and online. This award was organized by SWA Media and Business Digest in a virtual awarding manner as a form of appreciation given to companies in carrying out customer experience.

The award was received by Diego Prayoga - J&T Express Public Relations through a virtual awarding which was held on February 23, 2023. The assessment was carried out through a survey methodology of 5,000 respondents who were customers from various product/service categories on cognitive, affective, behavioral and social aspects. The achievement with the Champion title in this category is a form of appreciation to J&T Express as a delivery service company in Indonesia that has succeeded in providing a positive experience to customers and is able to innovate in terms of digital-based services and continues to increase the existence of the best brand as the people's choice.

Various activation events carried out by J&T Express are part of a strategy to increase brand awareness, often providing a good customer experience with innovative delivery services and procuring postage discounts that attract customers to try various forms of new experiences as before at the 7th birthday. had held a stop paying postage, as well as using a referral code on the J&T Express application with the uniqueness of old users being able to invite new users. This variety of experiences strengthens J&T Express which is aligned with the Brand campaign namely #AdaTerusBuat Kamu and adds positive value to all users of its delivery services.

The 2023 Indonesia Customer Experience Award is a motivation for J&T Express to continue to provide the best experiences to customers with innovative digital campaigns that are able to reach all people, especially in Indonesia.

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