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Celebrate Nataru, J&T Express Provides Free Shipping Vouchers From the Official Application for Customers throughout Indonesia

Approaching the end of the year is the time most people have been waiting for to shop with various discounts, online shopping enthusiasts are also very enthusiastic about the long-term shipping discounts. J&T Express as a global-scale shipping service also provides Discount Vouchers through a referral code program that applies to all J&T Express customers with delivery destinations throughout Indonesia, where old users can invite new users to create a new account on the official J&T Express application.

"We are again holding a shipping fee promo, because many customers use the year-end moment to buy necessities with the benefits of promos in almost all marketplaces. Ahead of this year's Nataru festivities, we present a referral code program to support the shipping needs of customers and can invite relatives for easy transactions through the J&T Express Application," said Erick, Marketing Director of J&T Express.

Customers can use a referral code for regular EZ delivery services, and J&T Super for shipping services with a faster SLA (service level agreement), without a minimum weight and transaction. Old users get a 50% discount voucher with a maximum discount of up to Rp. 50,000, - and new users get free shipping vouchers with a maximum of free up to Rp. 20,000, - The use of vouchers in the official J&T Express application will be immediately received by old users and new users at the "My Voucher" option and for old users they can provide a referral code more than 1x without a maximum limit, then the voucher will be valid for 30 days after being received by new user. However, vouchers are not valid for COD and DFOD services.

Other J&T Express Free Shipping Promos are still ongoing until the end of 2022, including a 25% Daily Shipping Discount and a 40% Special Shipping Discount every Saturday and Sunday. Through this variety of festive Discount Ongkir, it is hoped that it will be able to accommodate the needs of customers throughout Indonesia. Apart from the regular EZ and J&T Super services, there is also an economical type of shipping service, J&T ECO and for overseas shipping, namely J&T International Standard Express. J&T Express always urges customers to be careful of all forms of online fraud, all detailed terms and conditions for the J&T Express Free Shipping program can be accessed via the official website www.jet.co.id 

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