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J&T Express' Commitment to the Indonesian Economy Through Empowering MSMEs

Jakarta, 20 December 2023 - The logistics industry as the backbone of fulfilling the distribution of community needs is expected to be increasingly adaptive in goods distribution activities. The reason is, the logistics industry has a bigger role than just delivering goods in an efficient time to customers. Logistics companies play a vital role in supporting the development of Indonesia's digital economy which is being supported by the government.

The shift in consumer behavior, which is considered to have changed significantly since the pandemic, is said to be one of the reasons for the increase in activity on digital platforms to meet life's needs. Based on this, E-commerce has an important role in accelerating the development of the digital economy which is dominated by MSMEs. Quoting Deputy Minister of Trade Jerry Sambuaga in his talk show with the theme Education on the Digitalization of East Java Markets, Stalls & MSMEs, by 2022 there will be 20,997,131 MSMEs that have been digitized.

Seeing this reality, MSMEs and logistics companies have a strategic relationship that can support even more digital economic growth. J&T Express, one of the shipping companies that has colored the Indonesian logistics industry for eight years, guarantees the government's goal of achieving digital economic value growing 800% by 2030 by empowering existing MSMEs.

"As a logistics company, especially delivery services in Indonesia, we have a close relationship with MSME players to jointly encourage the growth of the digital economy. Apart from providing delivery services to customers, we also create close relationships with MSMEs and are committed to continuing to provide support through trusted logistics assistance and valuable empowerment programs. Together, we want to be part of their business success and growth." Said Robin Lo, CEO of J&T Express.

During its eight years of work, J&T Express has successfully organized various MSME empowerment programs including J&T Youngpreneur in business development seminar roadshows for student level and received direct business strategy briefings from local businesspeople in each region. Followed by the incubator competition program, namely J&T Super Seller, where MSME students selected from various universities throughout Indonesia received business capital to develop their businesses for 3 months. The three winners who passed have now succeeded in expanding their business markets.

It doesn't stop there, J&T Express is also developing an empowerment program for MSMEs with disabilities through the Deliver Possibilities program, which was attended by more than 100 participants by taking part in a week of business training with business experts in their fields. Until the 10 best MSMEs with disabilities were selected who managed to get entrepreneurial assistance to complete their business equipment needs.

J&T Express has connected many MSMEs with their customers, both through E-commerce and non-E-commerce platforms. Welcoming 2024, J&T Express will continue to maximize its services to facilitate trade which will contribute to economic growth. Furthermore, J&T Express will also continue to activate various initiatives for MSMEs in Indonesia. These various initiatives will focus on business development and increasing business capabilities.

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