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Wow! J&T Express Exceeds Its Highest Delivery Record In Harbolnas 12.12 To 25 Million Packages

Jakarta, 15 December 2021 – J&T Express as a global-scale shipping service brand was biased by a surge in shipping demand at the peak of Harbolnas 12.12 yesterday. The public's interest in the excitement of online shopping parties has made the demand for delivery of goods increase dramatically with the average delivery being the most types of goods, namely fashion, beauty and electronic products. J&T Express recorded shipments of 25 million packages, this extraordinary increase has surpassed the highest number of shipments this year.

CEO of J&T Express, Robin Lo, revealed that his shipments experienced a significant increase. “This year 12.12 our shipments increased by 52% compared to 11.11 last month, and it is quite good from seeing the highest annual delivery record that we can surpass with all preparations through the services we continue to develop, and the promotional market available so that it can blend in with the excitement of e-promotions. -commerce at 12.12," he said.

Not only e-commerce, non-market place shipping this time also moved up due to the excitement of discount promos and shipping without holidays from the J&T Express service, at this moment an increase of around 22.5 million receipts from normal days, but 70% of shipments still came from e-commerce and for the majority are still on the island of Java. Through the experience of online transactions that can be done by people anywhere, it has a positive influence on J&T Express delivery services with normal shipping traffic reaching 2.5 million packages per day on average. It is undeniable that the impact of the pandemic has had an impact on changes in the system of providing community needs, both daily and basic needs, which have also shifted through digital access.

The anticipation of the peak season at the peak of the online shopping party has already been carried out by J&T Express, the article is that every year there is a bigger wave of incoming and outgoing shipments, for this reason the addition of a fleet is very much needed in maximizing the surge in transactions by the end of this year, as well as sufficient HR skills as a driving force for smooth operation. delivery system. Maintenance of automatic sorting machines that support shipping efficiency is often a preparation for J&T Express, whose operations run every day. The tracking system and application are continuously updated to make it easier for customers to get information about shipping.

Even in a pandemic condition, J&T Express is still available with regular services, COD, J&T Eco, or the new J&T Super service which is already available in 30 cities, which can be utilized for customers with the need for faster delivery times, all shipping processes have implemented health protocols that safe for customer convenience. In addition, for wider coverage, J&T Express now presents a service under the name J&T International Standard Express which can deliver from Indonesia to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and China. "In the future, it is hoped that shipments from outside to Indonesia will be able to add new routes," continued Robin.

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