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J&T Express Invites Loyal Customers on an Ecommerce Study Trip to Hangzhou

J&T Express contributes education to Indonesian online businesses. A total of 150 loyal customers of J&T Express were invited to visit the cities of Hang Zhou and Shanghai for 8 days on January 28 to February 4, 2018. On this trip, participants were invited to visit the Alibaba group, an e-commerce giant in China. The participants had the opportunity to learn about the process of developing and marketing an ecommerce business, to a portrait of new era customers.

As reported by www.business.com, China is a country that has the largest ecommerce industry in Asia. Therefore, as one of the developed countries, China can become a role model for Indonesia to develop the country's economic growth, especially in terms of ecommerce. This is what makes J&T Express choose China to visit together with loyal customers.

Robin Lo, CEO of J&T Express Indonesia said "E-commerce business is currently growing rapidly, one of which is in China, the buying and selling system to the shipping process is very productive so that business turnover is increasing rapidly. We hope that this J&T Express customer study trip can bring positive inspiration that can be taken by the participants to achieve more success in their business ".

In addition to bringing loyal customers, this trip is also utilized by all J&T Express directors to gain knowledge about the operational delivery system and the ability to promote products efficiently. "I am amazed by the volume and performance of express companies in China, I hope this trip can be a lesson that can be taken by our team to develop a better shipping business in Indonesia," said Charles as Director of the Jakarta regional J&T Express.

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