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J&T Express Update Visuals and Mobile Application Features to Make Delivery Easier

J&T Express, an express delivery service that focuses on sending e-commerce businesses a visual update and a number of features on its mobile application. The application released in version 3.0 comes with a new design look in all aspects, lifting the brand's color identity that is red and white, the J&T Express application appears more minimalist. In addition to visual renewal, this application also brings order and tracking features as the main menu, this is tailored to the needs of most customers when using the J&T Express application. A number of supporting features are also provided such as a complete guide, direct connection to the call center, pin point to find the closest drop point that is directly connected to Google maps, FAQ, and can be used in three languages namely Indonesian, English and Mandarin.

Robin Lo, as the CEO of J&T Express said "Visual and feature updates on the J&T Express application are one focus to improve better service to our customers. In general, there are actually some features that are also available on our website and hotline, but seeing the high penetration of smartphone usage at the moment we want to maximize this application so that it makes it easier for customers to meet their delivery needs as simple as one touch on a mobile application.

Indonesia is ranked 4th largest with a monthly average number of applications used and installed by smartphones. According to App Annie, the average Indonesian user has almost 80 total monthly applications that are used and installed. The use of applications in Indonesia is quite high, various types of applications are dominated by the e-commerce application sector, here J&T Express sees the same needs in terms of express delivery.

In accordance with technology-based services, J&T Express wants to utilize technology to facilitate social connectivity with its customers, this application will continue to be developed with more high-tech features. "Through the application in the future we want to increase direct interaction and can easily provide information to customers, various forms such as promo info, event info, to customer satisfaction surveys that will be attached through the application." Robin added.

Until now the J&T Express application has been downloaded more than 1 million times, it is hoped that with the increase in visuals and the latest features will be easier to use and increase the number of users. This latest version of the application can be used starting April 18, 2018 Android devices and will soon follow on iOS devices.

To review the illustration of the introduction of the application version 3.0 can be viewed via the video link https://share.jet.co.id/sharing/Hc5C8HoGB

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