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Clarification News Job Vacancies J&T Express Duren Sawit

DeaJ&T Express customers, as well as the respected Indonesian people,

Regarding the information on vacancies that have been circulating through the Whatsapp application these past few days, there are a number of things we can say:

  1. Job vacancies stating that PT Global Jet Express requires human resources for a number of positions (courier, packing, data section, accounting, administration, and cashier) to be placed in the J&T Express Duren Sawit branch with the salary specification being inaccurate.

  2. J&T Express branch of Duren Sawit did look for human resources in that position, but it did not specify salary specifications.

  3. As a company that has branches throughout Indonesia, we always process recruitment through representative branches of the official drop point, and for the needs of human resources at the head office (Pluit, North Jakarta) we publish via the official website of J&T Express at www.jet.co.id 

  4. J&T Express complies with all forms of labor regulations under Law of the Republic of Indonesia number 13 of 2003, as well as regulation of the minister of labor of the Republic of Indonesia number 1 of 2007 concerning the structure and scale of wages.

Hopefully this information that we submit can provide clarity on the untrue information that has been circulating.

Thank you for the attention given.


Herline Septia                                                                                                                                 

Public Relations

PT Global Jet Express

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