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Ahead of Harbolnas, J&T Express Inaugurates Operation of Automatic Sorting Machine

 J&T Express, an express delivery service that focuses on the ecommerce business, officially operates the first J&T Express automatic sorting machine in Indonesia. Located on an area of 1 hectare in Rawa Bokor Tangerang, the use of this machine includes high-level automation with automatic barcode scanning technology, conveyor belt to support packet paths, automatic packet weight measurement, auto-reject for non-standard packages, and minimal use of human resources. Completing the previous semi-automatic sorting machine, this automatic machine aims to improve work efficiency, and reduce human error so that it can speed up the distribution of existing shipments.

"J&T Express always strives to provide the best service for customers, one of which is through increasing technological innovation in our operations. Automatic sorting technology can sort 180 to destinations in one rotation, with a sorting capacity of up to 30,000 packages per hour. We hope this technology will bring more satisfaction to J&T Express customers and also improve the quality of shipping in Indonesia. Thank you to all customers who have always trusted J&T Express service for 3 years. "Said Robin Lo, CEO of J&T Express Indonesia.

The operation of an automatic sorting machine that is close to the momentum of the national online shopping day on December 12 also aims to maximize the distribution of ecommerce customer shipments in Indonesia. With the percentage of shipments that currently reaches more than 50% of the ecommerce business, J&T Express has prepared several steps to anticipate the surge in shipments in Harbolas 2018, including the addition of a fleet with a larger load, the addition of HR twice as much, the addition of a backup sort warehouse, and maximize the warehouse at the train station to sort packages from the Java region and beyond.

With the use of this automatic sorting machine, J&T Express is ready to deliver at various special moments by the end of 2018. Yohanes, Cargo Operations Manager of J&T Express Indonesia revealed "Towards the end of the year, besides harbolnas there will usually also be a substantial increase in shipments from Jakarta to regional destinations. east, especially like Manado, Ambon, Papua and Makassar because of the momentum of the Christmas season while flights there are also limited, but we have anticipated it by securing the shipping load at that time. "

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