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Awarded the Indonesia Millennials Top Brand Award 2020, J&T Express Proves Its Brand is Excellent Among the Young Generation

As a brand that is close to young people and focuses on Ecommerce businesses, J&T Express has become the brand of choice for young people by winning the Indonesia Millennial Top Brand Award 2020 organized by Warta Ekonomi. This award was symbolically given to J&T Express through an online session on June 19th, 2020, which was received by Mr. Iwan Senjaya as Key Account Manager of J&T Express.

This award is a form of appreciation received by J&T Express, which is proven to be able to place its service brand as the choice and Top of Mind of the millennial generation in Indonesia and the company's role in strengthening the brand of a product, so that it becomes the people's choice, especially the millennial generation which now dominates the world's population.

Through conducting an online survey for 5,000 respondents aged 18-35 years, J&T Express ranks second in the express delivery services category this year. "As a brand oriented towards the nation's young generation, we often hold activities that supports the young generation who are close to digital and technology in the industrial revolution era 4.0. Our company also carries the same concept with the presence of qualified technology facilities and is very closely working with e-commerce so that the proximity with the young generation is more pronounced. Receiving this award becomes our motivation to continue to innovate and provide a good user experience to our customers, " said Iwan Senjaya, Key Account Manager J&T Express

J&T Express continues to innovate and put forward the latest technology in the application of its business so that it is not only technology-oriented but also provides the best service to customers. Closely related to speed, technology and the Internet certainly makes J&T Express one of the choices for express delivery services used in the lifestyle trends of millennial who tend to do online transactions.

Approaching customers is often done online, especially through programs held in social media, as millennials tend to be active and updated on the latest information including package delivery, with a variety of programs that cause J&T Express to always be there for Indonesia’s young generation.



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