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Maximize the Date of Twin Numbers 10.10 Amid the Pandemic, J&T Express Launches Delivery of Up to 8 Million Packages

The excitement of online shopping 10.10 which falls on October 10, 2020 adds to the heat of the spirit of online buying and selling transactions amidst the current pandemic conditions. By implementing good health protocols, J&T Express as a shipping service that focuses on the e-commerce business in Indonesia, is able to maximize the dense demand for delivery of up to 8 million packages in that period.

Realizing the impact of the pandemic that has been felt during the last few months, the need for delivery services, especially the island of Java, still dominates the high activity of J&T Express delivery, this has an impact on the increase in the highest number of receipts at the moment of online shopping 10.10 along with the increasing number of small business actors who have now switched to online business.

CEO of J&T Express Indonesia, Robin Lo, said there was a positive increase amid pandemic conditions. "At 10.10, we got positive results seeing the delivery traffic that occurred compared to the previous year. In addition, there is a change in transaction patterns and people's interest from offline shopping to online, especially during this pandemic, thus supporting the high demand for delivery and an increase of 77% from the same period the previous year, "he said.

This positive achievement cannot be separated from the readiness made by J&T Express in anticipation of delivery during the peak season during the pandemic, in addition to the provision of qualified warehouse infrastructure and facilities, additional employees have been an option since mid-2020 to minimize overload shipments. In its operations it also runs SOPs strictly, of course by requiring employees who work to use masks and gloves when moving goods, do not forget to disinfect the sorting warehouse every week and all packages via sorting machines will be disinfected for the convenience of customers.

Different from the previous year, where fashion was the type of goods that was sent the most, this year the majority were fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), which is the type of main needs of society in general. These differences indicate a visible change in shipments during a pandemic, however, J&T Express shipments remain smooth and can be processed according to existing procedures.

The automatic sorting machine facility with the ability to sort 30,000 packages per hour for 108 destinations is still a mainstay for the efficient delivery process, in addition to being one of the technological advantages that J&T Express has, the use of these machines can reduce the touch of human hands to the packages sent, so that it also supports prevention of transmission of the virus in a pandemic situation.

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