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Synergy of J&T Express and Tokopedia, Easing E-commerce Services in Indonesia

Entering the beginning of 2017 J&T Express has a cooperative relationship with the largest online shopping site in Indonesia, Tokopedia. This collaboration aims to make it easier for sellers and buyers in the Tokopedia marketplace to get faster, safer and more convenient package delivery. Located at the Fairmont hotel in South Jakarta, this collaboration also marks the perfect service from J&T Express and Tokopedia for all customers in the current era of increasing e-commerce activities.

"Cooperation between J&T express and Tokopedia will provide many benefits not only to both parties, but also to the Indonesian economy where the development of J&T Express will provide many jobs and also increase sales in Tokopedia through the addition of good services that will stimulate the development of small and medium businesses. in the field of e commerce specifically "said Robin Lo, Director of J&T Express.

Tokopedia COO, Leontinus Alpha Edison on the other hand revealed, "Our mission is digital economic equality. We want to make sure anyone can realize the dream of building a business, starting with Tokopedia; anyone can enjoy a transparent, efficient and safe online shopping experience, starting with Tokopedia. This mission certainly requires the role of many parties, so Tokopedia always embraces partners who have the same passion; enthusiasm to tear down the walls of online transactions. "

"In terms of logistics, for example, realizing that Indonesia is an archipelago and considering the rapid growth of Tokopedia, Tokopedia is collaborating with many partners, including J&T Express, so that a huge logistics network is formed to send tens of millions of products from Tokopedia merchants throughout Indonesia. . With the synergy between Tokopedia and all partners, especially our newest partner in logistics, namely J&T Express, we believe that digital economic equality can one day be realized, "added Leon.

J&T Express is an express company that is growing rapidly and has potential in Indonesia. Starting its debut in 2015 with 108 drop points (branch offices), currently J&T Express has more than 900 drop points with coverage throughout Indonesia. Supported by more than 10,000 trained human resources and 54 hub warehouses for sorting goods in each city, J&T Express continues to develop a faster and safer package distribution system with the ability to send more than 150,000 packages per day.

J&T Express provides many benefits for sellers and buyers in the Tokopedia marketplace, including with 365 working days without holidays including weekends and holidays / holidays, and a ball pick-up system that is "free package pick-up on the spot" without a minimum number and weight of packages. With this service customers no longer need to bother going to an outlet or branch office to send packages. In addition, real-time technology-based ordering and monitoring systems through mobile applications, websites and free 24-hour call centers increasingly provide efficient and convenient services for Tokopedia users. Before collaborating with Tokopedia, J&T Express also serves a variety of small online businesses to other large online shopping sites.

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