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Presenting Millennial-Style Service Innovation, J&T Express Again Wins Indonesia Millenials Top Brand Award 2023

Millennials grow along with the digital era and the use of technology that continues to grow. The intensity of implementing the system for every need encourages millennials to increasingly seek innovation in various online transactions, including delivery of goods. As a shipping service brand that continues to develop and innovate following the development of the young, active and creative millennial generation, and has a global network, J&T Express won the 2023 Indonesia Millennials' Brand Choice Awards in the category of Logistics & Courier Services organized by Warta Ekonomi with the theme “Exploring Millennials Insights Through Creative Excellence in the Digitalization Era”.

The award was received by Diego Prayoga, J&T Express Public Relations which took place virtually on May 31, 2023. Using the online survey method and media monitoring approach by utilizing boolean techniques to 1,500 to 5,000 respondents from all over Indonesia, to monitor various positive sentiments that appear in the news and media social. The survey results show J&T Express as the millennial favorite delivery service with an assessment of 70% of the 4 assessment indicators used by the Warta Ekonomi research team, including Innovation, Reputation, Advertising and Digital Transformation. one of them is the one day delivery service (J&T Super), which is a favorite of millennials.

J&T Express' commitment to shipping service innovation is provided with a variety of options to meet customer needs, apart from the EZ Regular service which is still dominant, J&T Express offers delivery on the same day, especially in cities through the J&T Super shipping service which is already available in 30 cities in Indonesia. , and daily postage discount promos which are a favorite, especially for the millennial generation. The existence of various types of services is a solution to answer fast delivery and a wide range.

Ease of delivery is also presented through the official J&T Express application which provides all information on service needs, starting from drop point locations, estimated shipping costs, pick-up services, and other interesting promo updates that customers can enjoy. The shipping process can also be tracked in real time, the use of automatic sorting machines increasingly supports more efficient shipments.

J&T Express also actively activates official social media with various interaction content using attractive visuals to provide new experiences for customers. With various services and activations provided by J&T Express, it is able to increase brand awareness, especially the millennial generation and it is hoped that this will bring positive benefits to all.

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