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J&T Express Launches Air Freighter to Improve Package Delivery Efficiency

Tangerang, March 18, 2021J&T Express, an express delivery service that prioritizes technology in its services continues to innovate in infrastructure that support and sustain its business. Entering its sixth year of establishment, J&T Express officially launched an air freighter at Budiarto Airport, Curug, Tangerang, which is supported by air freighter operator Trigana Air to increase the efficiency of package delivery, which is increasing especially outside Java. It is hoped that with this innovation, J&T Express can also increase service level agreement to customers.

The procession of the launching ceremony was inaugurated by Mr. Robin Lo as CEO of J&T Express, Mike - Operational Director of J&T Express, Erick - Director of J&T Express Business Development, Colonel Kotot Sutopo Adji, M, Si (HAN) - Head of the Indonesian Air Force Cooperative, Capt. Otto Sigit - Commissioner of PT. Pukadara Prana Perkasa, Rudi Hartono - Technical Director of Trigana Air.

Jakarta - Medan and Jakarta - Batam are air routes with the highest delivery traffic for cities outside Java at the moment, so in the near future, the J&T Express air freighter will serve package delivery on the Jakarta - Medan and Jakarta - Batam - Tanjung Pinang routes. This J&T Express air freighter will carry 80% to 100% or up to 15 tons as the total shipping load per each flight with at least two flights per day.

 "Seeing the current pandemic situation, flight schedule instability is still happening, many flight schedules have been canceled or delayed due to lack of passengers and other factors which have resulted in obstructed air shipment and delayed delivery of service level agreements. After previously maximizing the distribution of land routes for shipment in Java Island, today J&T Express launched an air freighter to increase the efficiency of air shipping along with the increasing number of packages, especially in areas outside Java. " Said Robin Lo, CEO of J&T Express Indonesia.

Air freighter operator Trigana Air supports J&T Express’ steps to increase the efficiency of airfreight. "We welcome J&T Express' breakthrough as a delivery service that seeks to accommodate air shipments to be more efficient without being limited by uncertain delivery schedules. In this case, we also hope that we can support each other and answer the business challenges of this pandemic together. " Said ... .., Trigana Air.

With this air freighter, J&T Express hopes to also accommodate customer needs for shipping larger and heavier packages, where these two types of packages were previously unacceptable due to limitations in access to the delivery of special air routes for these two routes. In addition, J&T Express can also flexibly adjust flight hours according to your needs.

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