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J&T Express Improves Shipping Operations By Optimizing Sorting Warehouses

J&T Express aggressively improves the delivery operational system by focusing on the sorting warehouse function, because sorting goods is one of the most important processes and has a very vital role for the smooth flow of package distribution. As a global-scale shipping service company with network expansion in 13 countries, J&T Express optimizes two warehouse area points that can accommodate and sort packages to be more efficient and effective in the delivery process to customers.

CEO of J&T Express, Robin Lo said, the sorting warehouse is located in East Java and Kalimantan, because it includes a fairly high shipping area. "All warehouses are being maintained in stages, currently we are expanding the coverage area of Madiun and Banjarmasin to refresh the sorting warehouse operations there and to meet the growing demand for local businesses," he said.

The two sorting warehouse points are the replacement of operational space and sorting to a land area with a wider capacity. In the future, it will use automatic sorting machines with sophisticated equipment and other facilities such as office space, loading and unloading areas, workshops, vehicle parking, canteens, prayer rooms, and toilets. An area of ± 19,848 m² with a building area of 12,186.5 m² for Madiun and ± 20,400 m² with a building area of 12,186.5 m² for Banjarmasin.

The updated sorting warehouse will start operating in November and December 2022, with plans to use automatic sorting machines in the future, the process volume is predicted to increase 2x. In addition, there are also green open spaces around the area to provide employee comfort and consistently apply health protocols considering the unstable pandemic conditions.

The limitations of interaction during the pandemic that changed people's interest in online transactions had an impact on the need for delivery of goods which also increased significantly, so that the readiness of the sorting warehouse function was needed to maintain the delivery flow to be properly fulfilled, the procurement of these two sorting warehouse facilities is expected to be able to maximize land delivery in East Java and South Kalimantan, apart from infrastructure and geography in Indonesia which are challenges for delivery services, J&T Express continues to strive to provide the best service in order to maintain the efficiency of delivery times.

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