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Serving Delivery during Ramadan, J&T Express Send 5 Million Packages Per Day

Jakarta, 10 May 2021 - The holy month of Ramadhan, which is the peak season for buying and selling transactions both offline and online every year, still affects a surge in transactions and shipments even though it is still in a pandemic condition. J&T Express, as a delivery service that focuses on supporting online businesses in Indonesia, reaches 5 million packages per day during Ramadan 2021. This shows a 60% increase in shipments compared to the previous year.

"Even in the midst of a pandemic, people's purchasing power remains high and there is a surge in the moment of Ramadan, especially when people are still limiting themselves to activities outside of the house so that people choose online transactions and there is an increase in shipping. Ahead of this year's Eid, a significant increase reaches 60%. " Said Robin Lo, as CEO of J&T Express.

J&T Express has anticipated a surge in shipments with various preparations in the previous months, such as adding human resources, a fleet of vehicles and equipment. Not only that, the use of automatic sorting machines, regulated agent facilities and air freighter are also maximized in order to guarantee a Service Level Agreement to customers. Expansion and addition of the capacity of the sorting warehouse in several areas were also carried out as needed. J&T Express continues to implement the 3M health protocol, disinfecting packages to be delivered and operational areas to maximize the protection and comfort of employees and customers.

In addition to field preparation which is mandatory, entering the beginning of Ramadan, J&T Express has presented a new service with premium facilities as a shipping option that can be used, namely J&T Super which has innovative speed in delivery. "We just launched this J&T Super service in early April and during Ramadan we provide discounts of up to 40%." said Robin.

Not only that, during this Ramadhan period, J&T Express often helped increase brand awareness and brand engagement at the J&T Fashion Week on May 1 by partnering with 50 brands in a number of categories in a fashion show as well as the Instagram live review program #PastiJNT held every time. weeks to May 5, 2021 by collaborating with different products and brands reviewed by content creators and influencers on Instagram @jntexpressid.

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