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The Peak of the #100JutaPelangganJNT Appreciation Program, J&T Express Holds the Merdeka Kirim Paket Program on the 76th Indonesian Independence Day

Jakarta, 12 August 2021 – As a dynamic brand that is close to customers, J&T Express continues to improve two-way communication with customers directly or through digital channels. Therefore, at the achievement of 100 million J&T Express customers, we show appreciation to our loyal customers with a series of #100JutaPelangganJNT digital and social media programs with the peak program Merdeka Kirim Paket, which is held to coincide with the 76th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, where customers can send packages for free all throughout Indonesia.

This 100% free shipping program which takes place specifically on August 17, 2021 is valid on the J&T Express mobile application, hotline and Drop Point from and to all over Indonesia with a maximum delivery of 5x per person and a maximum weight of 3kg per transaction. To facilitate and speed up package delivery procedures in the drop point and pick-up areas in the midst of a pandemic situation, J&T Express provides delivery efficiency through the mobile application. By filling in shipping data on the mobile application, customers will get a barcode that only needs to be scanned by J&T staff to get an airwaybill number.

“In our sixth year, we thank the support of 100 million customers throughout Indonesia. Currently, J&T Express package delivery per day reaches 2.5 million packages on normal days and will increase during the peak season. This achievement would not have happened without the support of our loyal customers. Therefore, all customer feedback and criticism is an important part for us to continue to improve our service going forward.” said Robin Lo - CEO of J&T Express Indonesia.

Not only the Merdeka Kirim paket program, as an appreciation for the support of customers for the last 6 years, J&T Express has held a series of programs for the achievement of #100JutaPelangganJNT by bringing back the previous successful program J&T Gapai Mimpimu 2, J&T Marathon Giveaway and TikTok Hashtag Challenge, with a total prize of hundreds millions Rupiah, which has been going on from July to September.

Herline Septia - Brand Manager of J&T Express Indonesia added, "We do not only aim at our loyal customers, but in this moment we also present it to the community by holding social responsibility activities for building village bridges for people in need". By building a bridge which is a link between the village of Wonosari, East Java and the village of Sidomukti, Central Java, with a length of 23 meters and a width of 1.2 meters, which is currently under construction since 29 July 2021, in order to facilitate road access for villagers and increase activity efficiency for daily needs.

The achievement of 100 million customers continues to make J&T Express committed to continuing to connect with customers through means of communication through call center, customer service emails, Whatsapp business, to social media. As a service company, of course, J&T Express wants to provide more service to customers, so J&T Express always tries to innovate and adapt for customer satisfaction. Evidently, in this year J&T Express has presented a variety of new services that customers can choose according to their needs, including J&T ECO - a delivery service at an affordable price and J&T Super - a faster service with a shipping fee refund guarantee.




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