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J&T Express Announces TOP 10 J&T Super Sellers To Enter Incubation Competition Period

The competition program as well as a business incubator organized by J&T Express, as a brand partner for online business delivery in Indonesia which has been taking place since March 2021, has now determined representatives of MSME business participants at the student level and has entered the incubation competition period. 10 of the more than 1,000 J&T Super Seller participants who registered consisting of the F&B, FASHION, CRAFT & HOBBY business categories, and other categories will take part in the business briefing in the J&T Super Seller incubation which starts on June 14 to August 2021.

The selected participants who will take part in the incubation competition include Moch. Rofiul Qorni (POTY), Ghozwan Bahrey Al Farisy (Fresher58), Yosafat Kiki Dominicus (DMNC), Asih Susiyanti (Kainnesia), Muharamah Ansi Putri (SwiTa), M. Mujaddid Izzul Ummah Mualo (Sambal Goreng Anchovy by Dapur Fizzul), Satria Dwi Putra (SDP Creative), Intan Sarikullah (Asseed Chips), Cindera Gumilang (Wonka Melted Banana Chips), and Rizki Kurnia (Alamode Attire). The judging has gone through several stages of assessment by a row of judges including Yasa Singgih - CEO of Men's Republic, Stephen Khrisna Lucas - Co-Founder of VOYEJ Leather Goods, Tom MC Ifle - Founder of Top Coach Indonesia, Bayu Janitra - CEO of topkarir.com, Rico Lubis - Founder Urban.Inc.

"We thank you for the great enthusiasm from all students in Indonesia in this program, now we have got the TOP 10 J&T Super Sellers to enter the competition as well as incubation. We hope that this competition can create a competitive spirit for participants, and can present business developments that are run with good business capital allocations and tangible results," concluded Herline Septia, Brand Manager of J&T Express.

In the incubation period that lasts until August 2021, participants will receive business materials that will be provided by experts from branding to financial management. Not only that, during this incubation competition period, each participant will be provided with additional business capital of 10 million rupiah per month which can be used for business development. Both are expected to be able to help boost the development of their products and brands.

To keep following health protocols in the midst of a pandemic, activities are carried out virtually. The percentage of assessment during the incubation period is divided into several assessment weights, including the use of business capital, promotional content, sales and delivery, and business analysis.

The TOP 10 J&T Super Sellers will compete at the top of the grand final in August to compete for the TOP 3 J&T Super Seller positions, with a total business development prize of up to 180 million rupiah. More details about the excitement of the J&T Super Seller competition can be seen on social media and the official J&T Express Indonesia Youtube, as well as on the website https://jntsuperseller.com/

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