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Achieving the Best Performance in the PPI Sector, Ministry of Communication and Information Appreciates J&T Express

Jakarta, 14 December 2023 – J&T Express, a global delivery service company, received an award from the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) through the Director General of Post and Information Technology. The award was won in the category of Implementation of PNPB Compulsory Payments, Largest Contribution of Universal Postal Service Providers (KPLPU) for the 2022 Financial Year.

A number of telecommunications and postal service providers attended the event entitled "InterAKSI: Indonesia Connected and Ready for Action" organized by Kominfo. The award ceremony determined several award categories which were divided into five Work Units which included the Postal Directorate, Telecommunications Directorate, Broadcasting Directorate, Broadband Directorate, and Postal and Information Control Directorate.

J&T Express Commissioner, Iwan Senjaya, stated, "We really appreciate the award given, this completes the achievements in our 8 year journey of serving deliveries in Indonesia. KPLPU is an obligation that must be carried out by postal operators, and we continue to strive to contribute to supporting the implementation of service providers, especially delivery services in Indonesia. We hope that by consistently fulfilling this obligation, J&T Express can continue to provide the best service for all parties." he concluded.

At the event which took place on December 12 2023, the award was given directly by the Director General of Post and Informatics Operations of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Dirjen PPI Kominfo), Wayan Toni Supriyanto. The achievements obtained by J&T Express strengthen its role as a delivery service that contributes to the digital transformation vision of the government and related industries. Furthermore, this award shows J&T Express' strong determination in implementing logistics management technology, especially the application of a real-time trace and track system to guarantee digital service quality.

This achievement proves that J&T Express is not only a supporter of the delivery service industry in Indonesia, but also contributes to providing superior service standards in the era of increasingly digitalization.

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