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Information on change of delivery address

Dear All J&T Express Customers,

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, J&T Express provides a change of address for customers who have limited shipping locations such as offices that have already implemented work from home (WFH) and other locations that are unreachable.

The following technical information to change the shipping address that needs to be known during the Covid-19 pandemic:

  1. For regular packages, shipping costs can be processed following the agent's policy if the package is still in the city of origin. But if the position of the package has arrived at the destination city, the refund of shipping costs cannot be processed. Specifically for packages through e-commerce will follow the applicable policies of each e-commerce.

  2. Changing the delivery address can only be done once, if the change of address is more than once, there will be an adjustment to the shipping cost.

  3. The J&T Express Sprinter will contact the recipient and confirm the destination conditions of the unreachable package, then the J&T Express Sprinter will offer a new address change service to be able to continue sending.

  4. If there is no difference in the shipping cost / shipping charges are the same, then the change of address is free of charge.

  5.  If there is a difference in shipping cost from the previous destination, the difference in shipping cost will be charged to the recipient of the package.

  6. If the recipient of the package is willing to pay the latest amount of shipping, a new waybill will be opened and the package will continue sending immediately. But if the recipient is not willing to pay the postage amount and does not have another shipping address, then a package return will be performed.

  7. Losses, damage and delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic are force majors beyond the control of J&T Express, so all compensation losses will follow the terms and conditions stated in company policy.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. J&T Express will maximize package delivery throughout Indonesia.

Thus we convey this information, for your attention, we thank you.


Best regards,

J&T Express Management

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