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Strengthening Service Innovation and Consistent Bringing Positive Benefits, J&T Express Wins Top Brand Award 2023

Delivery service brand with young, active and warm characteristics and close to the community, J&T Express won the 2023 Top Brand Award for the Courier Services category. As a global company that has a presence in 13 countries across Southeast Asia, China, UAE and Latin America, this year it managed to occupy the top rank in the acquisition of the Top Brand Index of 33.3%, which was a significant increase compared to the previous year with percentage of 23.1%. This achievement indicates that J&T Express is Top of Mind in Indonesia.

"This award is a form of our commitment to provide the best service for customers and to always reach out to delivery people to remote parts of the archipelago. Entering its 8th year of existence in Indonesia, J&T Express continues to innovate and contribute in bringing positive benefits to all. This achievement is also inseparable from many parties and we really appreciate the customers, the public, who always support us and all J&T Express employees throughout Indonesia. This role adds to our motivation to continue to explore the maximum quality of the delivery service brand," said Herline Septia - J&T Brand Manager express.

The Top Brand Award organized by Marketing Magazine is supported based on national research by Frontier with a hybrid interview survey methodology, involving more than 10,000 offline and online respondents with more than 1,900 respondents spread from 15 major cities in Indonesia including Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, Pekanbaru, Balikpapan, Palembang, Samarinda, Denpasar, Yogyakarta, Malang, Manado and Banjarmasin. The survey results show that J&T Express occupies the highest percentage of the three main parameters, namely Mind Share, Market Share & Commitment Share.

In its journey, J&T Express has proactively provided support and provided new innovations to campaign for a warm delivery service brand to the public, including support for creative works in the international music industry by holding activations in addition to presenting a brand experience for the community, including delivery services. J&T Express provides promos for daily delivery to other cities, especially with postage starting from IDR 6,000 and up to 30% discount on shipping between cities.

Various service options are presented to meet the various needs of the community, from domestic shipments to overseas shipments, with the J&T International Standard Express service for shipments to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China. All information on J&T Express delivery options and other details can be accessed via the website www.jet.co.id 

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