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Serving Delivery Without Holidays, J&T Express Record Delivery of 3 Million Packages During Ramadan

As an express delivery service company in Indonesia that focuses on serving ecommerce delivery, J&T Express has experienced a significant increase in the number of deliveries during Ramadan 2020. This is due to deliveries that remain actively running during the big moments of the middle of this year, delivery volumes of up to 3 million packages per day including on Eid day showed the large increase.

E-commerce transactions still dominate during Ramadan to Eid dah, soaring shipping demand is the impact of conditions where there are government regulations that urge people to work from home, including eliminating the tradition of going back to hometown. While the Eid tradition is still attached to the euphoria of shopping, online shopping sites from all marketplaces are flooded with orders that cannot be separated from the need for express delivery services. Express delivery in the category of fashion, gadgets and beauty products still dominates the transactions during the Ramadhan period.

Robin Lo, CEO of J&T Express, said that amount of deliveries at the moment of Eid this year increased significantly. "Since entering Ramadan 2020, we predict that there will be a significant increase because we see that during this pandemic there has been an increase in online transactions, an increase in delivery volume of about 50% from last year's Eid day was recorded since the third week of May. J&T Express itself, as an express delivery service that from the beginning was committed to providing delivery services without holidays has shown its contribution in serving the needs of the community, including supporting economic circulation through package delivery from online buying and selling transactions, " he concluded.

Predicting an increase in delivery volume, J&T Express has made preparations as an anticipatory step when the Eid delivery volume spikes, in addition to increasing the number of fleets and employees so that operation remains optimal, deploying automatic sorting facilities that are able to sort 30,000 packages per hour to 108 destinations, J&T Express is also conducting tests for the latest two-level automatic sorting technology owned by its ability to sort up to 1.5 million packages per day.

This achievement does not only come from the preparation of transportation and operation, but also the readiness of human resources who are disciplined and work optimally. In this case, J&T Express prioritizes the health and comfort of its employees in the midst of unusual circumstances, each employee follows occupational health protocols in order to maintain the convenience of the customers to receive their packages. With this implementation and the improvements achieved, it is hoped that J&T Express can always provide the best service in Indonesia.

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