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J&T Express Delivery Increases to 16,5 Million Packages at Harbolnas 11.11

The stretch of online transactions through digital platforms affects the growth of businesses from small to medium scale, no wonder the development of technology greatly encourages online buying and selling transactions that can be done anytime and anywhere. J&T Express as a shipping service brand with a global scale, supports the availability of delivery services to meet sales needs for MSME business actors as well as the daily needs of the community, including at Harbolnas 11.11 this year, which experienced an increase in shipments reaching 16.5 million packages and an increase of 1, 5 million. times more than last year.

The impact of the pandemic that causes changes in people's behavior to switch to online transactions makes J&T Express always ready to support the high demand for shipping every year. CEO of J&T Express, Robin Lo, emphasized that this achievement was always in good preparation. "This year there is an increase of around 50% compared to the National Harbolnas in 2020. The main preparation for us is adequate human resources and fleet, so we add additional personnel and unit capacity so that operations continue to run normally and efficiently. ." said Robin.

The surge in shipping traffic for Harbolnas 11.11 is still dominated by e-commerce packages as much as 70%, for the normal day delivery volume of J&T Express an average of 2.5 million packages per day, the use of air transportation for ordering systems via applications is sufficient to support shipping growth. continue to increase. Another convenience provided by J&T Express is the Cash On Delivery (COD) delivery option that can be used for customers who want to make cash payments.

Sellers are an important part in increasing J&T Express delivery, not a few sellers entrust their delivery using J&T Express, because there are already 4,000 outlet points consisting of Drop Points and Collection Points that reach all regions in Indonesia. Through this system there is also a VIP platform for sellers who make regular deliveries with good sales features, so it is very helpful especially during the Harbolnas momentum.

In addition, J&T Express continues to develop its new service, namely J&T Super which has gradually reached up to 30 cities in Indonesia, this service is able to support an increase in shipping transactions, especially in big cities such as Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Jakarta. Although several cities have changed to PPKM level 1, in its operations J&T Express continues to implement health protocols to maintain the comfort of customers and employees on duty.

Prevention of the spread of covid-19 in the midst of a pandemic is supported by vaccination of all J&T Express employees, equipment and sorting warehouses so that package deliveries can be processed safely both on weekdays and peak season momentum such as Harbolnas.

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