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J&T Express Expands in Egypt to Expand Global Network

June 29, 2022 - J&T Express, an international shipping service company announced that it has officially launched its expansion in Egypt on June 21 last. This is another big step taken by J&T Express in expanding in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region, following the expansion in the UAE and Saudi Arabia and the plan to establish a Smart Logistic Park in Riyadh some time ago. This latest expansion gives J&T Express global network coverage with a total of thirteen countries and expands its global shipping network to African markets in addition to Asia and Latin America.

E-commerce in the MENA region is catching up with global growth at a rapid pace. Egypt, being the most populous Arab country, represents one of the most diverse economies in the MENA region and is one of the largest countries with total e-commerce revenues of up to $5 billion by 2021. In line with its National e-Commerce Strategy, Egypt seeks to leverage e-commerce to foster innovation, and social growth in the digital economy. The fast growing e-commerce market in Egypt presents significant opportunities for the delivery service industry especially express. Currently J&T Express has established one sorting center and 10 distribution centers, with its distribution network covering all countries in Egypt in addition to the North Sinai military command area. Following the establishment of J&T Express in Latin America earlier this year, it is an important step for J&T Express to continue to develop markets in developing countries and expand its strategy in global markets.

Reporting from ecommercedb.com, with an increase of 44%, the Egyptian eCommerce market contributed to the world growth rate of 29% in 2021 so it is estimated that the revenue for eCommerce will continue to increase. "We see opportunities in Egypt's market share, especially in the e-commerce business, which will be more advanced and promising in the future, so we chose Egypt to be the next country to expand our business on an international scale by providing qualified services and using the latest technology to achieve efficiency," said Robin Lo - CEO J&T Express Indonesia.

Charles Hou, Vice President of J&T Express Group, said, "J&T Express offers shipping solutions in collaboration with leading e-commerce platforms. By leveraging J&T Express to provide efficient and convenient services through our growing global service network, J&T Express will contribute on the development of e-commerce in the MENA market and the expansion made in Egypt is a testament to our commitment to the region.”

Patrick, Head of J&T Express Egypt, said, "Given the rapidly increasing internet penetration, We feel this is the right moment to take advantage of the opportunities that exist for further e-commerce development in Egypt. We are working to build a service network in Egypt and provide an efficient, convenient, and quality delivery service experience to customers”.

With expansion in Egypt, J&T Express now reaches thirteen countries namely Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Mexico, Brazil, and Egypt, and serves more than 2.5 billion customers. .

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