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Celebrate 7th Anniversary, J&T Express Gives 100% Free Shipping All Over Indonesia for Customers

Jakarta, August 15, 2022 – As a delivery service brand that is young and warm at heart, J&T Express Indonesia gives appreciation to its customers by holding a program titled "Stop Bayar Ongkir" as an appreciation program held in commemoration of its 7th anniversary on August 20 future. The Stop Bayar Ongkir program that is held is valid for all J&T Express customers for shipping throughout Indonesia.

This 100% free shipping program can be used on EZ regular delivery services, J&T ECO  a shipping services which are more economical and J&T Super a shipping services with faster SLA (service level agreements). This program is valid through the use of the J&T Express application, and the drop off method at all J&T Express Drop Points from and to all over Indonesia with a maximum delivery of 5x transactions and a maximum weight of 3kg per transaction.

CEO of J&T Express Indonesia, Robin Lo said, “This is the umpteenth time that we are holding a postage promo for customers, although with a different momentum. We see that shipping services have now become a necessity in the community. For this reason, on this occasion we present a 100% free shipping program as a form of appreciation to customers who have supported J&T Express so that they can become a reliable shipping service in Indonesia for the last 7 years."

In the previous year J&T Express had provided a similar free shipping program at the moment of Indonesia's independence day. The previous program received quite high enthusiasm from customers, reaching more than 300 thousand regular packages that were sent through this program so that it was held again this year in the moment of the 7th Anniversary.

Having been active for 7 years in Indonesia, now J&T Express has become a global-scale shipping service that is present in 13 countries, namely Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil to Egypt.

Although it has been on a global scale and won various prestigious awards in the courier service category, J&T Express still adheres to its mission by focusing on the customer as the root of service and continues to innovate to provide better service to customers.

The terms and conditions of the Stop Pay Ongkir program can be accessed through the official website www.jet.co.id

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