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J&T Express Collaborates with Arief Muhammad and Rizky Billar in Experimental Activity Mendadak Ngurir

Jakarta, 23 June 2022 – As a global-scale shipping service company, in 2022 J&T Express is actively running a campaign themed #AdaTerusBuatAnda and holding a series of external and internal programs. One of the activations in this program is Mendadak Ngurir, a social experiment program by cooperating with two Indonesian public figures namely Arief Muhammad and Rizky Billar to work as J&T Express couriers and deliver special packages to recipients.

“Many people don't understand the profession of a courier who turns out to be in the process of delivering packages who sometimes experience various difficulties such as unpredictable weather, sometimes inadequate roads and finally exploring remote areas using small boats as well as through the mountains. So with the presence of this campaign program, we want to show J&T Express's commitment as a delivery service, that whatever difficulties we go through we maximize to continue to exist for customers. That's why we took two public figures who were active and young at heart to try the experience of being a J&T Express courier in this social experiment," said Elena - Public Relations J&T Express Indonesia.

Both Public Figures had the opportunity to be J&T Express couriers for 1 day with different deliveries, where Arief Muhammad delivered 1 truck package containing toys and learning tools intended for orphanage children. “It is an interesting experience to work as a courier at this sudden Ngurir. Each job has its own difficulties, but on this occasion I learned a lot about the ups and downs of the courier profession, which I never thought possible, especially when I learned about the dedication given by couriers to deliver packages to their recipients.” Said Arief Muhammad sharing his experience.

Unlike Arief Muhammad who delivered toys, Rizky Billar delivered a package containing a box of cooking oil to one of his fans who was a fried food seller. "It was a very interesting experience being a courier and experiencing the difficulties experienced when delivering packages, such as finding the recipient's address to get lost, taking care of customer packages during delivery which I didn't think was quite difficult, especially in this uncertain weather," said Rizky Billar.

The #AdaTerusBuatkamu program campaign which has been present since March 2022 illustrates the closeness of J&T Express with maximum service to the community to continue to be there for customers wherever and whenever under any conditions. Not only activation that is intended for external parties, in the same campaign J&T Express also presents programs for its internal employees.

To appreciate the performance of the employees, on this occasion J&T Express held an employee program, namely Education Appreciation with a total of 1 billion Rupiah which is open to the sons and daughters of all J&T Express Indonesia employees who are currently pursuing elementary, junior high, high school or equivalent education levels.

The Education Appreciation Program with the theme "Step Up Your Future" will be held from July 1 to November 31, 2022 and is divided into 3 announcement periods for the selected candidates. "With this Education appreciation program, not only as a form of support and appreciation for the performance of our employees but also as a form of our contribution to the world of Education," added Elena.

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