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Commemorating National Red Cross Day, J&T Express Tangerang Distributes Humanitarian Aid to 3 Hospitals

Jakarta, September 17, 2021 – A global-based shipping service company that was founded in 2015, J&T Express often carries out various social activities both for customers and the community, including the medical team as the front line in dealing with the pandemic that has been going on for more than 1 year. This time, J&T Express Tangerang Branch provided humanitarian social assistance to 3 hospitals, namely RSU Kab Tangerang, RSUD DR. Dradjat Prawiranegara, Asshobirin Islamic Hospital.

The aid distributed in commemoration of National Red Cross Day are 250 units of Personal Protective Equipment, 25 units of Air Purifier and 13 units of Oxygen Concentrate. This assistance was handed over by Ms. Tiyara Agung Permata – Area Manager of J&T Express Tangerang to representatives of each hospital, Dr. Hilwani as Head of Publication and Information Legal Agency at Tangerang District General Hospital, Dr. Tri Widowati as the President Director of RS Islam Asshobiri and Dr. Efrizal as Head of Service and PLT Head of Medical Support Division at RSUD Dr. Prawiranegara Drajat.

"Seeing the hospital as one of the most important public services, especially the current pandemic situation, on this year's National Red Cross Day we want to help meet the primary needs of hospitals by providing protective clothing to air purifier, which are currently insufficient in this hospital" said Tiyara Agung Permata – Manager of the J&T Express Tangerang area.

The three hospitals are currently serving Covid and Non-Covid patients, hence a number of medical assistance provided will be useful in serving patients in the future. These three hospitals experienced high occupancy rates of up to 80-100% at the peak of the pandemic in Indonesia during June – July period. Currently, the occupancy rate in these three hospitals is decreasing by 10-30%.

The hospital welcomes the assistance provided by J&T Express. The humanitarian assistance is a form of concern for J&T Express Tangerang to support the need for medical equipment, especially in vulnerable conditions like now. With the equipment that is distributed, it is hoped that it will be useful and able to meet the needs of patients.

In order to maintain mutual convenience, J&T Express always maintains health protocols according to government’s recommendation, and supports the prevention of COVID-19 spread in its operations by always maintaining distance, wearing masks, minimizing direct contact and maintaining equipment sterilization by using disinfectant liquid on a regular basis.



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