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Beware of Fraud Mode in the Name of PT. Global Jet Express

In connection with the mode of fraud by opening job vacancies via e-mail on behalf of PT. Global Jet Express (J&T Express) by asking prospective applicants to transfer a sum of money to purchase plane tickets and hotel fees to the tour & travel for the recruitment process.

With this, we urge you to be careful about this mode of fraud. The following information can we submit::

  1. In the process of selecting and recruiting prospective applicants J&T Express is FREE OF CHARGE and has never asked prospective applicants to transfer a sum of money for transportation, hotel, accommodation or other costs.

  2. J&T Express has never appointed any tour & travel agent to purchase tickets in connection with the selection and recruitment process.

  3. J&T Express never directs prospective applicants to contact any tour & travel agent for ticket reservations in connection with the selection and recruitment process.

  4. J&T Express does not have a policy to finance the prospective applicant's trip to conduct interviews in the selection and recruitment process so that there are no refunds on ticket costs incurred by prospective applicants.

  5. In terms of opening J&T Express job vacancies, they never include salary specifications in any information regarding the selection and recruitment process.

If prospective applicants receive an email or telephone regarding the recruitment process, they can confirm in advance to the HRD contact center of PT Global Jet Express at 082213917768 during Monday-Friday working hours from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Thus we submit this appeal, hopefully this information can provide clarity on the untruth of information that has been circulating.

Thank you for your attention.

J&T Express Management

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