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Good performance, J&T Express Bogor Gives Award to the Best Employees

Appreciation for employees is a part that cannot be left behind by J&T Express, as a shipping service company that focuses on e-commerce business, which continues to provide appreciation with the annual award for outstanding employees. One of them has just been held by J&T Express Bogor in the Internal Gathering event titled "Proud of Your Sevice" on January 13, 2020.

Based on Integrity, sharing, service, and responsibility which are the company's core values, in the event which was attended by J&T Express Bogor employees selected 10 outstanding employees who successfully received awards in the category of Division, Drop Center (DC), and the best Sprinter respectively get cash worth 10 million rupiah, 5 million rupiah for the best Back Office employee category, and 2 million rupiah for the best transporter category. All awards were given directly by the Head of J&T Express Bogor - Marlita Branch to each winner.

"We are very pleased on this occasion to be able to give appreciation to employees who have shown excellent work performance throughout 2019," said Marlita. Besides giving awards, this annual event was held to improve the quality of work.

The internal gathering activity that took place at Capstone Resto was enlivened by the presence of games and live music entertainment. All employees present gathered and shared stories to strengthen the bond of intimacy at dinner together. On the sidelines of the event also prepared an interesting door prize in the form of cosmetic products from Y.O.U, OASE products, and the Oppo A1K smartphone as a grand prize distributed to lucky wealthy employees.

General Manager of J&T Express Bogor - Surya Darma added, "This appreciation deserves employees with outstanding contributions for the past year." He hopes the award can be a motivation for other employees so that they can better provide the best service to customers.

With this event all employees present were more eager to race to be the best in the future. The achievement of the previous performance results becomes an evaluation at work. This is also applied by all employees of J&T Express Bogor because they are not required to only work and hold the responsibility of each area of work, but there are awards that can be achieved.

The award is one of the concrete steps of J&T Express Bogor in paying attention to all employees for their work so that in addition to being able to encourage other employees to move forward it also has the potential to improve maximum work results.

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