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Brand Adaptation in the Digital Era, J&T Express ID Wins the Indonesia Wow Brand Award 2023

The digital era requires companies to adapt to brand positioning following the changes, through various brand activations and implementation of digital campaigns. This year is the fourth time that J&T Express has won the Indonesia Wow Brand Award 2023 in the Courier Services category organized by MarkPlus Inc through MarkPlus Insight with the theme Branding. for this year's Game Changer. The award night took place at The Westin Jakarta as part of the Wow Brand Festive Day 2023 event which is the biggest marketing festival for brand enthusiasts in Indonesia on 11 May 2023.

"The commitment to continue to provide variety in brand campaigns is part of J&T Express' strategy to survive market dynamics, especially with changes in behavior due to the impact of the pandemic in the previous year. Service improvement is carried out in order to meet community needs and strengthen positive awareness. We appreciate the 2023 Wow Brand Award given by Markplus to J&T Express, this achievement is our motivation to keep trying," said Herline Septia - Brand Manager of J&T Express.

The survey was conducted on more than 6,500 respondents in several big cities in Indonesia, by adopting Prof. Philip Kotler, Father of Modern Marketing. Using the method by measuring PAR (Purchase Action Ratio) about the ratio of consumers who know and use and BAR (Brand Advocacy Ratio), namely the ratio between the level of advocacy and the level of awareness, as a key factor in the success of a brand. This measurement matrix produces J&T Express as one of the best delivery service brands developed by having the WOW brand marketing concept.

Service development continues to be maximized to expand networks in various countries, as a global shipping service brand that is close to customers and carries a young, active and creative character, J&T Express often hones brand awareness in the form of online activities on digital platforms and social media that can be connected on the website and official application as a space for interaction with customers, it doesn't stop there, J&T Express also presents campaign programs such as social experiments and brand experiences which are carried out as a form of brand closeness to the community.

In line with efforts to carry out the company's mission to focus on customers, the receipt of the Wow Brand Award 2023 shows that there have been positive changes made by J&T Express in fostering engagement between customer needs and service efficiency, especially in Indonesia.

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