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J&T Express Officially Introduces Lionel Messi as Global Brand Ambassador

J&T Express as a delivery service provider with a network that has reached 13 countries, is now officially introducing the world star Lionel Messi as the Global Brand Ambassador. J&T Express' commitment to becoming a sustainable company is in line with its characteristics which are commonly known as an energetic football icon, having fast maneuverability to superior ability to be able to fly high in all challenges. Get ready for more achievements that will bring positive improvements with J&T Express in the future on the international stage.

"This is the new face of J&T Express globally, we continue to strive to reach broader needs from various sides, starting with developing several new service differentiations such as J&T International Standard Express for overseas shipments. Until network expansion in Southeast Asia, China, Middle East, and Latin America. We believe the presence of the Global Brand Ambassador J&T Express will be able to strengthen the focus of the global strategy going forward to be able to connect internationally with greater efficiency," said Robin Lo - CEO of J&T Express.

Lionel Messi is a professional footballer who is known to the public throughout the world, recorded as the winner of the Ballon d'Or 7 times in his career, the quality of his skills reflects the spirit of J&T Express in 7 years providing excellent shipping logistics services and the use of technology to achieve operational efficient. J&T Express and Messi have made joint steps to increase the strength of the J&T Express Brand and contribute to the transformation of the logistics service value chain.

"J&T Express has made extraordinary achievements since its launch. We share a lot in common in our passion and determination to never stop getting better. Just as the sport of football unites millions of people around the world, J&T Express strives to develop logistics solutions to connect its customers to the world. I hope to be part of this journey”, said Messi.

The joining of Messi to become part of J&T Express Global is an extraordinary collaboration that is hoped to bring about better changes going forward in terms of service development in each country and network innovation in the international market.

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