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J&T Express Distributes 400 Kg of Aid for Lombok Earthquake Victims

A magnitude 7 earthquake that has rocked Lombok and its surroundings since the end of July resulted in damage to buildings and caused trauma to more than 400,000 victims. As a form of moral support as a shipping service company, J&T Express provides a number of assistance in the form of direct donations and distribution of aid to disaster sites from the non-profit organization initiated by Binus University, Jakarta, namely Teach For Indonesia.

J&T Express channeled a number of assistance from Teach for Indonesia in the form of baby needs, clothes, blankets, and towels collected by Teach for Indonesia from various students, lecturers to Binus University employees. The 400 million kilograms of awareness actions sent from Jakarta to Lombok were channeled through the National Agency for Disaster Management - Lombok.

Not only sending aid from Teach For Indonesia, on August 16, 2018, all J&T Express employees in the Lombok area raised funds to provide assistance in the form of clean water, food, and clothing to fellow J&T Express employees whose homes collapsed due to the earthquake. This assistance is expected to meet the basic needs of employees affected by this natural disaster.

"The impact of the earthquake in Lombok was huge, a number of J&T Express drop point buildings were also damaged, but we maximized them so as not to disrupt shipping services every day. Through assistance and logistical support to the disaster site, we hope that all the assistance we distribute to the victims, our employees, and the general public can help meet the needs so that conditions in Lombok return conducive, "said Robin Lo as CEO of J&T Express.

Besides JET Care, the foundation under the auspices of J&T Express, OPPO and Jet Commerce also provided assistance to the Lombok Earthquake Victims distributed through the National Disaster Management Agency on 24 August 2018 in the form of tarpaulins, food, towels, blankets, medicines, food and needs babies, as well as fast food worth 100 million rupiah.

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