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Go Back To Hometown Easily, No Need To Bear It

It won't feel like we will arrive at the end of the month of Ramadan when we all welcome the Fitri holiday. Speaking of Eid, homecoming tradition is a tradition that can not be missed anymore :) homecoming tradition may be the same every year, but how can going back and forth become easier and easier?

It's no longer the time going home back and forth carry a mountain of luggage, now you can go home using no complicated means of knowing or knowing the luggage arrived in the hometown first! J&T Express express delivery services with the latest technology systems. Hard to believe? Let's see why you have to go home using J&T Express :)

1. Really Free Pick Up Package On Site

J&T Express provides excellent facilities that are free onsite packages, allowing you to order packages wherever you are. No need to go to the branch office, Sprinter J&T Express will pick up your package and certainly, free: D jammed, rain, distance will not be a barrier to picking up your package :)

2. Coverage throughout Indonesia

No need to worry about packages not being sent, because J&T Express has reached the entire archipelago. Where to send and deliver packages? Safe !!: D more than 300 drop points in 360 cities in Indonesia are ready to serve your shipment, and will continue to expand its network.

3. Check rates, bookings, monitor packages in one hand

All forms of transactions can be done on one platform, from checking fares, addresses and contact points to the nearest drop point, requesting a free pick-up on site, to monitoring the whereabouts of your package in detail everything is done with technology. No need to worry where the package is now and who is being accepted? Because this system also explains the name of the recipient of the package. All of these activities can be carried out in a variety of ways, by telephone to the toll-free call center 0800-100-1188 who is on standby 24 hours to serve you, or through the website at www.jet.co.id, for those of you who always rely on smartphones to everything can also download the J&T Express application which is available for Android & iOS users.

4. 365 working days, no holidays

For those of you who like online transactions or even looking for income through buying and selling online you can now send packages every day, anytime and anywhere. Because J&T Express works 365 days to always meet your needs. Because J&T Express services never take a day off: D

5. Regular price, premium service

In J&T Express there is no price level to determine service, there is only one type of tariff with the same service that is fast, the same response: D with the latest waybill tracking system technology, J&T Express will closely guard your package from the moment the package is received until the package arrives at the recipient's hands . In addition, J&T Express is also committed to the process of claim and insurance that can be taken care of quickly and easily.

That is a series of reasons why you must try the sensation of going home and forth using this year :) can also be applied to a new homecoming tradition for the coming year: D Present amidst the high enthusiasm of e-commerce users and technological advancements, J&T Express is right to be a mainstay to support activities You. Especially for you, you who focus on earning income in online media: D

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