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The Disability Community Contributes to the Success of J&T Connect Run Activities

Sunday, 16 July 2023, was an unforgettable moment at the J&T Connect Run. The running event, which was attended by 2,500 participants from all over Indonesia, was not only a place for sports and a community gathering, but also embraced social inclusion by involving friends with disabilities as volunteers. J&T Express, as the organizer, provides space for them to contribute to this activity.

As many as 9 volunteers with disabilities participated in the J&T Connect Run 2023, including the deaf and physically disabled, on this occasion they enthusiastically distributed bananas and isotonic drinks to the running participants after crossing the finish line. in this case all organizers and volunteers carry out tasks on an equal footing with normal people in general to create uniformity among people.

Even more interesting, the participation of friends with disabilities in this event shows their extraordinary enthusiasm to seek new experiences and opportunities. Starting with arriving earlier than the specified time, full of enthusiasm in taking part in open opportunities such as positive activities organized by J&T Express. Basically, volunteers with disabilities participate in J&T Connect Run activities with the aim of gaining valuable experience, without requiring any compensation. At the end of the event, friends with disabilities hoped that they could be involved in other events more often, because opportunities like this were very rare for them.

The participation of friends with disabilities in the J&T Connect Run 2023 provides a strong message about social inclusion and an inspiring spirit that can overcome various physical barriers. Difference is not a barrier to contribute and achieve success. In a world that continues to move towards equality, J&T Express through the J&T Connect Run activity has provided concrete evidence for all parties to encourage the importance of social inclusion and provide equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of physical limitations.

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