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These are the Top 3 J&T Super Sellers Who Received Hundreds of Million Rupiah Business Capital

Jakarta, August 23, 2021 – J&T Express, a shipping service that focuses on e-commerce business delivery, has finished holding a competition and business incubation program for J&T Super Seller which officially started in March 2021 as a form of support in the form of a forum for student business and encouraging economic growth in the MSME business. At the peak of this competition program, the J&T Super Seller Grand Final was held virtually on August 21, 2021. The 3 best participants have been selected who will get a total business capital of 180 million rupiah after going through the competition period and business briefing which is held every 2 weeks.

The winners who managed to advance to the Grand Final stage were judged directly by 3 special judges in the final round, namely Iwan Senjaya – Key Account Manager of J&T Express, Billy Boen – CEO of Young on Top, and Arief Muhammad – Brand Icon of J&T Super Seller to determine the eligible participant who will win the first position, getting an additional capital of 100 million rupiah. In this virtual event that lasted for 2 hours, the Top 3 participants were given the opportunity to present their business development during the competition and future projections in front of the judges virtually, accompanied by a question and answer session with the judges. The results of the J&T Super Seller Grand Final winners are as follows:

1st place, Yosafat Kiki Dominicus, DMNC brand, gets 100 million Rupiah business capital

2nd place, Asih Susiyanti, Kainnesia brand, gets 50 million Rupiah business capital

3rd place, Satria Dwi Putra, SDP Creative brand, gets 30 million Rupiah business capital

On this occasion, Iwan Senjaya, Key Account Manager of J&T Express said, “We see great potential in incubation participants to be able to develop business on a larger scale. We hope that the implementation of this program can help not only the Top 3, but also the Top 10 to be able to develop their business better in the future by providing materials during the competition and incubation period.”

The business development of each of the 10 J&T Super Seller incubation participants is assessed weekly by the J&T Express team with parameters such as sales level, capital usage, branding and social media, as well as the number of shipments of the products they sell. During the incubation period and business competition which has been going on for approximately 8 weeks, it has been proven to provide skill and business development for the participants, by a significant increase of 40-100% in shipments and profits that occur in the businesses of these 10 selected participants.

This program to support student-level MSME has succeeded in attracting the interest of more than 1,000 student participants from all over Indonesia who registered in the early stages. The Top 10 selected from various business categories, including snacks, fashion, art and other categories that participated in the business competition, received business materials from professional experts in branding, digital marketing, operations, finance, and delivery as well as a business capital of 10 million Rupiah.


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