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J&T Express Announces 10 SMEs with Disabilities Recipients of Business Assistance in the Deliver Possibilities Program

Jakarta, 15 November 2023 – J&T Express announced ten winners of SMEs with disabilities along with their rankings in the Deliver Possibilities empowerment program. The Deliver Possibilities initiative is run together with the community for empowering people with disabilities, Menembus Batas and supported by the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises. This program succeeded in finding a variety of creative businesses including fashion, crafts, F&B, and others. The winners are entitled to receive prizes in the form of business funding support for their businesses.

"We appreciate every UKM with disabilities who have participated in the Deliver Possibilities program. We believe that each SME has its own advantages so that they can successfully undergo the selection process up to this final point. "The results of this program are also proof that Indonesian SMEs with disabilities are empowered." said Herline Septia as Brand Manager of J&T Express.

Overall, the implementation of Deliver Possibilities lasted for one month. During that time, the activities carried out included six training sessions conducted online and hybrid, the creation of business plans by UKMs that qualified for the top twenty (20), and judging carried out by experts such as Mario Gultom - Founder of Sunyi Coffee , Yessie Natasia Mareti - Founder of Fashionistas, Yorri, Fuzz, Prima Raharjo - Functional Middle Expert from Assistant Deputy for Business Ecosystem Development, Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs and Denny Lim - General Manager of J&T Express.

“Physical limitations are not an obstacle to achieving your dreams. Courage is not determined by physical strength but by determination in a strong heart. I hope that my friends can be an inspiration to many people with the strength of their determination. "It is through programs like Deliver Possibilities that I believe we can support SMEs with disabilities to become better." said Prima Raharjo, Functional Middle Expert from Assistant Deputy for Business Ecosystem Development, Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs.

The winner is determined based on several indicators. These indicators include training aspects and proposal writing aspects. Apart from the originality of their business ideas, SMEs who qualify for proposal writing are challenged to be able to present their business plans by considering feasibility criteria, analysis and financial projections.

The ten winners took home entrepreneurial assistance with a total of IDR 150,000,000 which will be divided based on the classification of the three winner ranks. UKMs ranked first to third will receive a prize worth IDR 20,000,000, those ranked fourth and fifth will receive IDR 15,000,000, and the rest will receive IDR 12,000,000.

"On behalf of the other participants, I would like to express my gratitude to J&T Express as a national and multinational company that still cares about friends with disabilities. We as people with disabilities are not only here to be pitied, but we also deserve love and support.” said Sandy as the owner of Aroma Jiwa Perfumery.

The list of winners of the Deliver Possibilities program offered by J&T Express and Menembus Boundaries based on ranking, includes:

1. Athaya P Nirwasita (Athaya Art)

2. Sandy (Soul Perfumery Aroma)

3. Muhammad Ikhwan Tariqo (Dekardekor)

4. Dewi Winarti Roro Shanti (Dewijaya Care)

5. Sugeng Paijo (Mamake Snacks)

6. Riefky Dwi Julianto (Mrs. Anas Snack)

7. Rismawan Yulianto (Kube Difaku)

8. Nurul Endah Rosyita (R3n Coffee & Tea)

9. Tasya Nurfitria (K Empire)

10. Anik Puji Lestari (Khaulamp)

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