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Transformation to Build a Career From Courier to Manager

Muhammad Hafiz Al-Ayouby started his journey with J&T Express in 2017 as a Sprinter pick up in Enggal District, Bandar Lampung. Hafiz, who at that time had minimal work experience, tried his best to carry out his duties, including distributing flyers to shopping centers, shops and traditional markets to increase customers. Because, there are still few people who know about the J&T Express delivery service, especially the area where they work. However, he is still able to complete more than 50 packages per day.

After one year, Hafiz was transferred to focus on his duties as a Delivery sprinter, here he gained new experience that carrying out his duties was not just about delivering but needed to organize delivery routes, understand the location so as not to get lost, and remain friendly with customers even though he received an unpleasant response. He once experienced a unique incident when he arrived at the recipient's address, not realizing that the owner of the house had a dog and it immediately started barking right in front of him, then he stepped on the gas spontaneously while bringing the package back. Until finally managed to contact the recipient to ask him to wait outside the house.

He encountered quite a lot of things during his sprinter duties and Hafiz always completed everything well, then was trusted to be the Drop Center Admin. Here he is responsible for managing the administration of the rotation and sorting of packages, but there are times when he has to experience the hardest things when serving complaints that come directly to the point of having arguments. This made his work not well controlled, he chose to get up and start learning how to provide good service, learn to control himself, and hone his ability to communicate in a friendly manner so that all problems are resolved in a good way.

His efforts to be better at controlling work and calmer communication efforts to find solutions, made him more skilled in carrying out his duties until he was promoted to take responsibility as Drop Point Supervisor. He carries out all Drop Point operational activities and arrangements very well, and always provides the best reports. After 2 years, Hafiz was entrusted with a bigger task, namely becoming the Regional Manager of J&T Express Lampung, with a coverage area of 3 districts, including 15 Drop Points.

The challenges he faces are increasingly greater, including maintaining service quality so that it continues to run optimally, having to adapt to changes both in terms of policy, technology, including market competition. He also managed to lead a small team at Drop Point supervising admin and sprinters. However, it didn't always go smoothly, he had to face a bitter experience, namely during the peak season he didn't succeed in achieving the target, when this moment should have been a big opportunity to achieve the target he had set, so he had to catch up again.

Determined to never give up, Hafiz organizes the distribution of schedules for each team member and plans meetings with customers every week according to the schedule, does not delay work, focuses on the work being done so that it can be completed well and on time. Determine work priorities to form a more solid team. For him, the main thing that supports work running smoothly is communication within the team, with the same goal, namely achieving maximum results.