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Keep Learning From Small Things And Carrying Out Your Tasks To The Maximum, Until You Become The Best Employee

Since 2016 Halawa has joined as a replacement Sprinter for delivery to the Singkawang area, West Kalimantan. Because shipping routes are always changing, sometimes it is quite difficult to arrange it so that it can adjust the time according to the SLA, even so, Halawa continues to adapt to whatever obstacles he faces so that once a customer takes his job as a courier for granted, but for him it is not a problem as a delivery service worker he must be able to serve humbly, he believes there are still many who appreciate even the smallest work out there.

“I really enjoy my job as a sprinter, because every day I get to meet different people. I can learn many things about customer character, how to serve well and so on," said Halawa.

Entering 2017, there was a new Drop Point (DP) opening in the Singkawang area, unexpectedly Halawa was promoted to assume responsibility as a Supervisor, without hesitation, he agreed, motivating himself that this promotion was a new challenge that he had to face through a 3 month trial process. For about 2 years working to supervise the Singkawang DP which he did well, he was again entrusted to handle 3 operational points at once in one delivery door, namely the Singkawang Drop Center. The challenges he faces are even greater, because he must be able to manage the rotation of all shipping areas in Singkawang, including strengthening the sprinter team so that operations can run smoothly. his strategy to be able to form a solid team is to approach and embrace. Slowly from the small things he pays attention to and discusses together until all work constraints are resolved properly.

Despite her efforts in organizing work, Halawa has also experienced pressure that drained his energy. At that time, it was the first day the Singkawang Drop Center was operating, coinciding with peak season shipments, coupled with no experience dealing with this center of gravity and all package rotation in the Singkawang area became one door. Gradually he manages all distribution channels from incoming packages, sorting to delivery. With the extraordinary hard work of the team, in the end it was able to pass well. There had been a complaint from the customer because the goods received were not suitable, while there were no problems with the delivery, he went down directly to mediate the problem and finally it was resolved.

Despite the tough hurdles he is going through, Halawa was awarded the Best SPV Employee in the Operations category in 2021. This appreciation does not only make him feel more capable and superior than others, it actually makes him more enthusiastic at work and motivated to work even better. From his journey while working, he is very grateful because he gets a lot of experiences, both good and bad things, and everything is done with enthusiasm and not burdened. Another good thing that became a new experience for him was being able to work with the police and BNN, where there had been a shipment containing prohibited goods bound for Manado, and the authorities had caught him. This also shows the openness of J&T Express in supporting the prevention of drug trafficking.

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