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Receiving an Appreciation Prize in the Form of a Motorcycle for His Performance, This Employee Was Once Expelled By a Customer

Wahyu Saputra (20), the Tanjung Pinang drop point delivery sprinter, has joined J&T Express since 2 years ago. Wahyu said that so far he had only worked according to his responsibilities and as best he could. Indeed, he did not deny, the achievements of his colleagues who received a reward from the company a year ago also motivated him to work harder, but unexpectedly thanks to his persistence at work, Wahyu was appreciated as an employee with very high dedication and loyalty to get a Scoopy Motorbike from J&T Express Riau last September 2020.

Not using the prize for his own sake, he feels that the motorcycle he has is sufficient to support his needs as a sprinter without the need to use a new motorcycle. As a result, he gave the motorbike to his parents because his parents' motorbikes were often damaged. As the backbone of the family, Wahyu certainly wants to provide the best for his parents. "I didn't expect my performance to be appreciated by the company because in my opinion, I only work according to my job. My motivation to work hard is only to make my parents and my younger siblings happy and to work with a sincere and honest heart, ” said Wahyu.

As a sprinter, Wahyu still experiences unpleasant things like what he experiences in every job. He admitted that he had been expelled by a customer when delivering the package. "At that time I only ran the SOP, I didn't allow the customer to open the package before paying because it is a COD package, but the customer became angry and threw he package from the porch and expelled me."

Despite this unpleasant experience, Wahyu remains diligent and does not complain about his work. He continues to do a good job and admits that during the 2 years, he never experienced the same thing again. "Alhamdulillah, the customers are all kind and friendly" he added. Every day, Wahyu delivers 150-200 packages per day, the route he always delivers is quite unique, namely a village area with minimal lighting, especially at night, which sprinter may rarely travel in big cities.

During the peak season, Wahyu once sorted packages with colleagues until 10 PM in order to make it easier and to be able to complete package delivery immediately to customers. For him, delivering packages to customers is a satisfaction in itself because he sees the happy faces of the customers when receiving packages and often praises the speed of package delivery from J&T Express.

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