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Never Broken Spirit, Agestya managed to conquer the peak season until it reached Best Deliver

Having responsibility for the package carried is the responsibility of a sprinter at J&T Express. Agestya Budiwan, became one of the sprinters who held the responsibility for package delivery in the Pasar Rebo area, East Jakarta. Two years of carrying out the mandate that was not easy, Agestya was reluctant to complain, especially during peak season which forced him to pursue deliveries according to deadlines. This extraordinary enthusiasm made him successfully complete all his shipments until he was awarded the Best Sprinter Delivery peak Season 11.11 at the end of November 2019.

In one day the average Agestya completes sending up to 150 packages to the shipping address. Unlike the peak season last time he delivered up to more than 250 packages a day. Feeling tired, hot weather or even wasted time because of the rainy weather, of course experienced, but the spirit of work that never fade to make it strong, especially this is the first award of his hard work.

"I do not think about time because for me the package that I brought on that day, had to be exhausted on that day. Except for customers who are rescheduling, 'said Agestya

Proven deft in his work, the Agenda is recommended for transfers to the Pekayon area with a wider range of delivery and automatically greater responsibility for delivery. He also met with a different route, this new challenge added to Agestya's enthusiasm to be able to manage the delivery flow so that it remained efficiently delivered to customers.

It is not uncommon for customers to reschedule so the package must be brought back, it is certainly disturbing, however, for Agestya it is part of the work she is happy to live. A bad experience was experienced by him, at that time the package was scattered during delivery, felt responsible for his work, Agestya also conveyed an apology to the customer and was willing to replace it.

All good and bad things become valuable experiences, for Agestya works well to gain a good career as well. By bringing positive energy from what he did, he also proved himself to be the best sprinter in the peak season last month.

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