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Not Even A Year of Work, Sijis Taaniyah Wins Best Admin Award

Hard work never betrays results, this sentence is suitable for women born in 1995 whose full name is Sijis Taaniyah. This woman who graduated with a degree in Financial Management entered the world of work with a profession that is far different from the majors in her field of study. Even so, he is still grateful for the profession he currently has as the administrator of J&T Express Drop Point, Zainul Arifin Jakarta.

Women who are familiarly called Sijis, undergoing their profession with support from family. Joy and sorrow at work must be there, but he still works hard and for him parents are role models to motivate him to be more diligent at work. Seeing his parents who continue to work hard even though they are old to pay for his sister's education, he feels as a child and as a brother to his siblings he needs to help ease the burden on his parents and contribute to the education of his siblings by setting aside his income every month.

Not only that, his co-workers who were generally married but worked hard from morning to night tirelessly motivated him to be even more active. Departing from this, without Sijis thought he was awarded as the Best Admin for the February 2018 period for the Jakarta branch. "I was surprised and happy, because I only did my best in accordance with the SOP and tried not to make mistakes. I never thought at all to get an award, moreover I haven't even worked a year at J&T Express, "said Sijis.

According to the Jakarta Branch Operational Admin SPV Leader, the award was given as an appreciation and motivation so that the admin could work better and more professionally. The assessment criteria provided include an assessment of attendance, responsiveness, updated and appropriate work reports, grooming, attitude, and knowledge. "We selected some of the best candidates from various regions in Jakarta. Even though Sijis has only been working for 7 months, we see that his work performance has fulfilled these criteria so we have chosen him as the best admin for the February period, "said Difa Herdiansyah Munabari.

With the spirit of this Sijis Taaniyah work we can learn to be thankful for our work and to pursue it seriously because every hard work we give will certainly give good results.

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