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Starting With Motivation Loving Work That Ends a Vacation to Bali

Loving work makes work much more fun and gives better results. This sentence matches Yudi Lesmana, a sprinter from Drop Point Tegal Gubug - Cirebon. Starting with the motto of loving his work, he received a holiday gift to Bali as the West Java branch of the Best Sprinter in June 2018 along with several colleagues who were nominated in different categories and the General Manager of J&T Express, West Java branch.

Before working as a Sprinter, the man who was born in 1991 had worked in the Karawang area factory, after his contract ended he got an offer from one of his friends who also worked as a sprinter at J&T Express Karawang to apply to become a J&T Express sprinter area in Cirebon. Unexpectedly with this profession as a sprinter, he felt fit and loved this job. "I have worked 2.5 years at J&T Express, and for me the most memorable achievement was when I got a vacation to Bali for 5 days with a boss that I rarely met because of different locations. I am in Cirebon, my boss is in Bandung. So I can go on a vacation and get to know my boss more closely, ”said Yudi when asked the memorable thing he got from this holiday gift.

Getting appreciation as the Best Sprinter is not easy, Yudi needs to have the highest number of pick-up items among all his colleagues, which is an average of 400 packages per day. The success he achieved was inseparable from the motivation of his former colleagues who taught him to love work because the work itself would feel lighter and even produce good results going forward.

Not only that, besides his colleague, for Yudi the customer is also an important figure to motivate his work. He also principled not to disappoint and provide the best service for customers. With the principle held by Yudi in his work, he made his job very well, not only was chosen to be the best sprinter, Yudi also often received bonuses based on the number of pickup packages he got that he could eventually use to add costs to buy motorbikes, homes and even repair his parents' home.

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