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Being a Sprinter Made Iwan See the Potential of Online Business as a Side Job

Iwan Setiawan (30), joined the J&T Express Drop Center Holis - Bandung as a pickup sprinter since the beginning of 2018 and is actively doing his work. Starting working as a marketing staff before joining J&T Express, Iwan felt that his work as a sprinter made his life more prosperous. Of course followed by a spirit of hard work and responsibility he entailed. In his second year of work, Iwan managed to buy 2 new dwellings from the results of his hard work.

It was not easy for him to achieve all this, but with the determination of the hard work he had in picking up customer packages. Starting as a sprinter Iwan can only pick up 30 packages per day, but with the help of tips and tricks given by colleagues to get customers and the spirit he has, he is now able to reach 500 packages per day. Not only that even on the national online shopping day 11.11 last year, he was able to reach 24,000 packages in 3 days.

Normally, Iwan works from 1AM to 12PM to pick up customers' packages, but during Harbolnas, he has to work harder with longer hours, from 9AM to 2AM. This situation never made him complain. He admitted that he had a lot of experience and learning.

Having been a sprinter for 3 months, Iwan saw the potential and business opportunities he could run. Together with his wife, he runs an online vehicle accessories business. This side job he does not make him loosen his hands or ignore his main job responsibilityas a sprinter. "Being a sprinter remains as my priority today. Even though I have another business, but I still have full responsibility and have to focus my main work " said Iwan.

Iwan was a sprinter who pioneered opening an online business in his work environment, and some of his colleagues were inspired by Iwan's business. Iwan did not feel discouraged or angry when his colleagues opened online businesses. "I am happy that other friends also sell online, which of course can increase their income".

Although the Covid-19 pandemic is ongoing, Iwan is not afraid to continue working around picking up customer packages. "My main task is to provide the best service to customers, but because there is a virus, of course, there are precautions set by the company," said the man who has joined J&T Express for 2 years. Iwan admitted that even though Covid-19 pandemic is currently still ongoing, the amount of packages he picked up remained normal as usual even though there were some customers whose business stopped running temporarily because of this pandemic.

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